Episode #10 - Fox Hunts and Metronomes

Looking across the evening lights of Cheyenne, WY to the Northern Colorado Rockies.

Looking across the evening lights of Cheyenne, WY to the Northern Colorado Rockies.

All of us have most certainly began our CW adventure with the basic QSO. But after you have mastered the QSO, you're ready for another challenge.

If you're a little competitive, like developing your operating skills, and just want to see if you've 'got game', a QRP Fox Hunt is just the event you are looking for! Oh... and it's also a total blast!!

Dale Putnam, WC7S, got his first license when he was 14 years old, has been an amateur radio operator for more than 50 years, and currently holds an Amateur Extra license. 

Dale is an avid CW operator and devoted contester. He is one of the volunteers with the QRP Fox Hunt events. Fox hunts are challenging, fun events and everyone, no matter how fast or slow, is welcome to join in and have fun.

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Every license plate, road sign, menu, book, magazine, what-have-you, is an opportunity to practice Morse code.

One secret to becoming a better CW operator is to find an activity that motivates you, such as contesting, nets, or DX hunting. The fastest way to learn Morse code is to make it your passion.

You can improve your CW rhythm tremendously by having a computer copy what you send while you watch the screen.

If you are just starting out, use a straight key to learn Morse code and practice CW.

Use a metronome while you practice sending to develop rhythm and maintain a consistent sending speed. 

Make sure none of your teachers know Morse code!

You don't have to be a member of any club to join a fox hunt. No invitation is needed. Just show up and join in!!

Fox hunts are a perfect school for learning how to work a DX pileup.

Check out the Rocky Mountain Region/Continental Nets.

Don't prejudge other operators.

If you're calling CQ, don't tell me you're QRP.

Please don't send looooong strings of CQs.

Get on the air and have a conversation with someone.



QRP Fox Hunt Web Site (qrpfoxhunt.org)

Colorado QRP Club

Four State QRP Group

AC6V.com - Huge amateur radio reference site

Morse Express - "Everything for the Morse Enthusiast"

Morse Runner Contest Simulator Software for Windows Computers

"CW with Me" iPhone App


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