Episode #11 - Point the beam... crank it up... let it fly!


Cody Codianni, KC2LSD, holds an Amateur Extra license, is a FISTS North America Board Member and manager of the FISTS North America club call, KN0WCW. He has achieved DXCC on numerous bands, including the very challenging 160M DXCC in 2017. Not only has Cody chased DX and accumulated a large collection of awards, he has also been the DX operator, operating occasionally from South America. 

Cody is a very experienced CW operator with a unique perspective about operating in the continuous wave mode. And he's a super nice guy too!

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When you're learning Morse code, open a book and pick a random paragraph to use for code practice.

Write out a basic QSO to use as a template on your first contacts so you don't have to think about what to say.

Learn to send CW with your non-dominate hand which allows you to write with your dominate hand.

Get the K7QO code course available from FISTS. (See link below)

Find an on-air QSO at a speed you can copy and listen.

Use a CW-decoder to copy on-air QSOs while learning to copy.

The most effective way to learn Morse code is to study 2 - 3 times a day and limit each session to 15 - 20 minutes each.

Always send code at the same speed you can copy... or slower.

People will always come back to good, slow, clean code.

There's no need to call CQ for a minute and a half... just don't do it.

Record yourself sending code.

When you begin hunting DX, it's important to:
    Know how to work your radio
    Listen to the instructions the DX operator is giving
    Be respectful of the DX operator
    Don't call the DX station if you can't hear it
    Go to a dead band and call CQ DX
Somebody is almost always listening on a FISTS monitored frequency.

Checkout the FISTS Sprints and the many awards they offer.

Cody's #1 operating tip: Send clean code at the speed you can copy!

Bonus tip: The first time you get on the air and send CQ, don't walk away if somebody answers!!

Accuracy transcends speed



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FISTS Calling Frequencies

FISTS Nancy Knott Memorial KNOWCW Event

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Club Log

Chuck Adam's, K7QO, Excellent Code Course


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