Episode #18 - Gettin' Schooled!

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As Morse Code becomes more popular, more and more people are wanting to learn the code and how to use it. One of the more effective (and fun!) ways of learning the code is to take a CW Academy course. CW Academy offers three courses, Level 1 for beginners, Level 2 intermediate, and Level 3 advanced. These courses can teach virtually anyone who is committed Morse code and ultimately, help them become a 20+ word-per-minute CW operator. 

Tom Parish, KB5RF, had the rare opportunity to take all three CW Academy courses in a twelve-month period. He began his Level 1 course hardly knowing anything about Morse code and completed the advanced Level 3 course twelve months later as a skilled CW operator capable of sending and receiving Morse code at 20+ word-per-minute. Listen as Tom shares helpful insights and experiences as a CW Academy student and follow him along on his unusual and intense journey to learn Morse code!

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Don't forget the #1 reason why you're learning the code... to have fun!

Some days you're a CW master... other days you're not! This phenomenon happens while you're learning and after you become a seasoned operator. There will be days you get on the air and are able to effortlessly send accurate, precise code like a virtuoso and be able to instantly copy everything that comes your way. Other days you won't be able to tell an A from a Z and everything you send sounds like one long string of dits. It happens to all of us. When it does, the best thing to do is grin and go mow the lawn.

Limit your study sessions to 10-15 minutes at a time.

Don't move on to a new group of characters until you can copy what you are currently working on at 95% or better.

Be patient. Get that feeling of accomplishment by thoroughly learning characters you're working on now before moving on.

Don't get impatient! Don't increase your speed or begin working on new characters thinking you'll come back later to catch up. It doesn't work that way. Master the characters you're working on now before moving on. 

When you are using a computer to learn and practice the code, take your hands off the keyboard, sit back and just listen.

Don't forget to spend the time to practice sending code too.



Learn CW On-line (LCWO.net)

Morse Runner


Tom's, KB5RF, follow up article, "Learning how to learning Morse Code – My experiences with CWops 1,2,3"

CW Academy



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