Episode #19 - The Straight Key Century Club

There are several organizations that promote Morse code and the CW operating mode. One of the very best is the Straight Key Century Club (SKCC). The organization officially began on January 2, 2006 and currently has over 18,800+ members worldwide. The SKCC offers one of the broadest assortments of awards, contests and activities available from any organization for every level of CW operator to participate in. 


Ted Rachwal, K8AQM, is a member of the SKCC board and editor of the "Rag Chew", the official newsletter of the Straight Key Century Club. We spent a little time talking with Ted about the SKCC, the resources and benefits the club has to offer, and why it's no surprise that many of the nicest people you'll ever meet in the CW bands are SKCC members! 

Take a few minutes to listen to Ted and learn a little about what it's all about. Afterwards, take a few moments and head over to the SKCC website and get a free membership to one of the world's premier CW organizations... the Straight Key Century Club, you'll be glad you did!!

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It's much easier learning the code with a friend or elmer. Find a friend to be your code buddy.

There is so much technology available to help you learn the code. Find a phone or desktop app that works for you and take off!

"Don't get through the message, get the message through!" It's just as important to practice sending as it is to practice copying code. You're not going to get any gold stars for blasting a message out as fast as you possibly can if nobody can copy it. Make sure you can send as well as you can receive. "Don't get through the message, get the message through!"

Record yourself sending code and play it back. If you can't copy your own code, chances are nobody else can either.

The Straight Key Century Club is open to anyone who has an interest in Morse code. It's FREE to join, you get a lifetime membership, there are no dues, and the club offers many, many activities, contests and awards for all levels of CW operators.

Even though the organization is called the "Straight Key Century Club", you don't have to use a straight key to participate in any of the activities.

Use the SKCC calling frequencies to find a friendly QSO.

Always match the speed of the slowest operator.

The SKCC website is a treasure chest of CW operating info. Check it out!

There is no reason to learn the code on your own. The Straight Key Century Club offers several free resources to help anyone interested in learning the code. All the help you need is available for the asking. Reach out and let them know you're ready to learn!



Straight Key Century Club


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