Episode #5 - CW Immersion

Chris Bravo, W4ALF, was first licensed in 2014. In 2015 he decided to learn Morse code. He pulled out all the stops and took a deep dive approach to learning the code and developing his CW skills. Chris' 'full-immersion' process utilized a comprehensive list of Morse code and CW learning resources he used and later compiled into a free book, "The Road to CW" (links to a free copy are available below and on the DitDit Resource page). After mastering the code in a relatively short period of time, he accomplished some pretty amazing things. Kudos to Chris, W4ALF, for being an excellent example for anyone interested in learning the code and showing us what's possible when you set a goal! 

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Take Aways From This Podcast

There's a load of DX in the CW portion of the bands.

The "art" of CW should be enjoyed

Most of the effort in learning CW is in the listening.

The Farnsworth method works, use it. Practice a little each day... both sending and receiving. There will be moments of frustration.

Take advantage of a code buddy.

As soon as you get over your nervousness and worrying about making a mistake, your operating becomes much more fluid, error free and extremely enjoyable. Even the fastest guys still make mistakes.

There is an unwritten code between CW operators that says I'm going to match your speed and help you out because somebody helped me out when I was learning the code. Even the fastest operators will slow down if you call them.

W4ALF Pedestrian Mobile

W4ALF Pedestrian Mobile

Stay motivated while you're learning the code by finding resources and people who already know the code and can help you while you're learning.

Learning Morse code is like learning to ride a bike or play the guitar, it takes some effort and lots of practice.

It's ok to take a short break while you're learning.

There is a certain satisfaction you get after learning and using the code.

At the end of the day, operating on the air is what is going to really boost your speed and skills. You don't have to copy 100%.

CW operators are a respectful group.

Immerse yourself in CW.



Begali Keys

Begali CW Machine

Chris Bravo's Free Book, "The Road to CW"


CWOps CW Academy

Straight Key Century Club (SKCC)

Learn Morse Code (CW) Online (LCWO)

Gordon West Morse Code Audio CDs

NAQCC Code Practice Buddies

SKCC Morse 'Elmers'

CWOps CWT Contests

RufzXP PC Software

Morse Runner PC Software

Art and Zen of Radio Telegraphy, by Carlo Consoli IK0YGJ



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