Episode #6 - Bedsprings and QSO's

Stan Levandowski, WB2LQF, was first licensed in the early 1960s and currently holds both an Amateur Extra license and Commercial Second Class Radiotelegraph Certificate. He has been doing more with less for over 50 years. He is a dedicated low power enthusiast who operates 100% CW using only simple wire antennas.  

Besides publishing articles in QST, QRP Quarterly and a number of club and amateur radio organization publications, Stan has a popular Youtube Channel where he provides many helpful and instructive videos on Amateur Radio topics.

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Take Aways From This Podcast:

Hold on to your old paperwork. You may regret throwing it away years later!

Try something new. Be curious. Experiment.

There's no better way to get better and better at what you're trying to do than just doing it.

On air CW practice is better than any other type of practice.

Everybody makes mistakes.

Learning Morse code is like learning any other language. The key to it is learning the right way. And the right way to do it is by doing it in a way that you're only using your ears to learn.

Please check to see if the frequency is in use before you start CQing. It's always courteous to send a QRL? first.

After calling CQ, listen for more than a microsecond before calling CQ again.

If someone sends QRS and asks you to slow down, be courteous and slow down.

Ignore propagation predictions and forecasts. Instead of looking at propagation websites and forecasts, turn your radio on and call CQ.


Straight Key Century Club (SKCC) 


North American QRP CW Club (NAQCC)

QRP Amateur Radio Club International (QRPARCI)

QRP ARCI Sprints

NAQCC Sprints

FISTS Sprints

Vibroplex Bug


Stan's Youtube Channel


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